“I’m so in love with you, and dying to come home.”


On their debut release “Crossroads & Ghosts” Pacific Northwest power trio The Peregrine Dives deliver a sharply stylish mix of New-wave and post-punk revival that echoes goth-tinged turn of
the millennium arena rock while being very much of the moment.  Snarled white-knuckle vocals stride vampishly over washed out wall to wall sonics, yet the music breathes and pulses hypnotically.

The Peregrine Dives are a brand-new band that pulls off the rather neat trick of sounding like seasoned professionals at the peak of their creative prowess – which, in a way, they very much are. Guitar player / vocalist John Lankford, drummer Mark Ogg, and bassist William Skoff are life-long music obsessives  who fate chose to bring together at the dawn of the pandemic.  A group of Gen-Xers for whom pop music and the stories around it mean just as much as anyone who ever “made it” in the business, “Crossroads & Ghosts” is immediately engaging and catchy as hell.


Lankford cut his teeth playing in noisy alt-rock bands in Arkansas, Minneapolis, and finally Seattle.  He paused the music hustle to focus on a career, get a Master’s degree, and even won the game show “The Weakest Link.”  Ogg was a feature in the Tulsa scene in original and tribute bands and once played the massive Rocklahoma festival.  He relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2019.  Skoff has been a longstanding in-demand session player in both SoCal and the Pacific Northwest.  He has been in as many as five bands simultaneously.  

Our three heroes found themselves feeling the draw of a fresh creative outlet concurrently, and through the grapevine of the Seattle scene they soon came together at Ogg’s house in the Federal Way neighborhood to rehearse.  Lankford had a few rough sketches of tunes in his pocket from his days in Arkansas and Minneapolis which served as initial inspiration for their sound, but “Crossroads & Ghosts” came to fruition communally.

Thematically, the record tangles with the struggle of following your true path while navigating the obstacles life is constantly putting in the way.  “John is such a great lyricist” says Ogg.  “He has a metaphorical and poetic way of pointing out the obvious and yet exploring deeper emotions of personal struggle. That kind of segues to the band name.  The Peregrine Dives is a statement that represents our sound. I like to think of the Peregrine as an entity. It dives.  But before it dives, it must rise.  After it dives, it must rise again.  Rinse and repeat.  Life has peaks and valleys, and to fall is to fail.  To dive, is to remain in control and recover to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be.”

Songs in hand, the band decamped to Peel Studios in Seattle’s Ballard to track and mix the record. (“Left on Massard” was recorded at The ChemLab but mixed also at Peel.) They walked out with a record that feels custom fit to soundtrack your daily reality.  “I hope this record echoes in the background as our listeners discover for themselves that Life WILL reward action” says Lankford.  “There are friends to make, chances to take, and your greatest days are ahead!”

When life gets tough, don’t fall, take control and DIVE!


Credit: tinyhuman.com Media Relations